CFP: Rebel Landscapes

CALL FOR PAPERS AND PANELISTS: Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers (AAG), Tampa, April 8-12, 2014

  Rebel Landscapes

Sponsored by the Cultural and Political Ecology, Geographic Perspectives on Women, and Socialist and Critical GeographySpecialty Groups

Resistance has long been a central concern of critical geographers of many stripes, and yet certain forms of overt, often urban-centric, opposition tend to dominate our understanding of who (or what) is rebellious, and how. Eclipsed in the process are less immediately recognizable forms of rebellion: those that fall outside the cosmopolitan gaze, that trouble given social categories of dissent, that are a product of collective performance more than individual intent. These rebel forms are alive in the landscape, they matter to workings of power, but what theoretical and methodological tools do we need to make them legible?

This session invites theoretically informed and empirically driven papers that creatively engage uncooperative spaces and the transgressive practices that produce them. We seek to bring work on the Right to the City and spatial politics into conversation with feminist, queer, posthumanist and other relational frameworks in geography and cognate disciplines. We welcome participants with diverse approaches to the following common questions:

  • Where does rebellion take place, and what forms of space does it produce?
  • How do different kinds of actors collaborate to rebel? These collaborative formations may include:
    – diverse human beings
    – nonhuman organisms
    – objects
    – built environments
    – biophysical/climatological processes
  • How might attending to the messiness of landscapes reveal new openings for resistance and change?

Please send proposed titles and abstracts of up to 250 wordsbefore November 8th to: Emma Gaalaas Mullaney ( Anyone interested in serving as a panelist is also encouraged to contact the organizer with a brief statement of interest.

Remember, early registration ends October 23rd, though registration and abstract submission will still be available until December 3rd, 2013.


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