CFP – Featured Theme: Geographies of Climate Change

Dear all,

Climate change is the major environmental challenge facing humankind today. Geographies of Climate Change, a featured theme for the upcoming AAG Annual Meeting in Tampa (April 8-12, 2014), highlights the complex spatial dimensions of climate change including the observed and anticipated geographical differentiation in potential impacts and vulnerability. The Presidential Plenary that opens the Annual Meeting will focus on this theme, and will feature Mike Hulme, author of Why We Disagree about Climate Change; Linda Mearns, project leader of the North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program; Susanne Moser, co-author of the recently-published Successful Adaptation to Climate Change, and J. Marshall Shepherd, current president of the American Meteorological Society.

We invite you to organize sessions and develop papers around the Geographies of Climate Change theme. Contributions are particularly welcome that address the scientific complexity and uncertainty of climate change, its political and policy contextualization, the challenges of formulating adaptation and mitigation strategies, and the importance of effective communication strategies.

To participate in the Geographies of Climate Change sessions, please visit to submit your abstract or session. When you receive confirmation by email of a successful abstract submission, forward this confirmation to If you are pre-organizing a session, forward the session confirmation to as well. Thank you!
Organized by: 
Julie Winkler, AAG President
Jill Coleman, Climate Specialty Group Chair
Josh Newell Human Dimensions of Global Change Specialty Group Chair

Becky Pendergast
Director of Design and Digital Products
Association of American Geographers |


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