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Highlighting Members’ Achievements

During the past year, our GFASG members have made great achievements in areas of research, teaching, and community services. Below are some selected awards and honors:

Angela Babb (Associate Instructor at Indiana University) received Campus Catalyst Award, Excellence in Student Leadership from the Indiana University Office of Sustainability.

Billy Hall (PhD Candidate at Florida International University) was awarded a Dissertation Fellowship at UC Santa Barbara’s Department of Black Studies. His research takes an ethnohistorical approach to examine the formations of ‘food deserts’ in Miami’s low-income black neighborhoods and how these community food environments are being altered by — and altering — broader processes of gentrification.

Emma Mullaney (PhD Candidate of Geography & Women’s Study at Penn State) was selected to serve as a Global Environmental Outlook (GEO) Fellow with the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) as one of approximately 700 experts selected from all UN countries to participate in the global and regional assessments.

Katia R. Avilés-Vázquez (PhD at the University of Texas at Austin and GFASG Board Member) was selected for an EPA Environmental Champion Award. Each April, EPA honors individuals and organizations who have contributed significantly to improving the environment during the prior year in New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Susanne Freidberg (Professor of Geography at Dartmouth College) received an NSF award (co-funded by the GSS and STS programs) for the project “Contending with metrics in the corporate food supply chain.”

Call for Recent Publications, Achievements and Syllabi

Hi, GFASG members! We hope you are well and gearing up for AAG 2015! As a tradition of the GFASG specialty group, we would like to include a list of our members’ publications in the annual newsletter and on the specialty group website ( Please send us news about your publications over the past year! In addition, if you have any significant achievements that should be shared, please send them along as well.  These might include recent awards, grants, research highlights, community projects, etc.

And finally, we would like to gather and consolidate syllabi of food and agriculture courses you have taught in the past in order to share knowledge and improve educational outcomes among our members. If you have a relevant syllabus that you’d like to share, please pass it along!

Please send any and all such updates to

Looking forward to seeing you at AAG 2015!