CFP: AAG 2016: URBAN AGRICULTURE: Interdisciplinary perspectives

Urban agriculture has received enormous attention from scholars over the past forty years. The particularly dense configuration of multiple resource access routes, legal technicalities and input and output market opportunities found in the city means that urban and periurban agriculture (UPA) is worthy of attention from multiple disciplines. There has been examination of its technical complexities (Amadou et al. 2012; Drechsel and Keraita 2014) alongside its social and political context (Cissé et al. 2005; McClintock 2010). The importance of UPA to livelihood agendas is clear, in terms of its contribution to food security and sovereignty and income generation, but its potential impacts upon hygiene standards and pollution have also been questioned (Amoah et al. 2006) alongside its relation to social differentiation (Hoover 2013). It therefore acts as an entry point into an examination of urban environmental and social sustainability, and contemporary UPA research has much to say to policy. This dialogue is challenging: the definitions of ‘urban’ and ‘agri-culture’ are themselves in question, and the urban-rural continuum approach has been advocated to permit UPA studies to contribute to the conversation about urban sustainability (Forster and Escudero 2014). These links to multiple disciplinary concerns make UPA a particularly compelling subject for geographical scrutiny, and interdisciplinary attention has provided promising explorations of the themes outlined above (Aubry et al. 2012). We therefore invite contributions that demonstrate an interdisciplinary approach to UPA or that emphasise the interactions between diverse elements of this complex and important system.

Please send a 250 word abstract to the primary organiser, Imogen Bellwood-Howard, UrbanFoodPlus project, Göttingen University, at by 5th October 2015. We’ll review abstracts and inform participants by the 13th October. Participants should then register for the conference by 29th October in order to take part.