AAG Annual Meeting Session Sponsorship

This is a friendly reminder as you are submitting your sessions for the AAG 2016 Annual Meeting (for today’s deadline) that the Geographies of Food and Agriculture Specialty Group (GFASG) is interested in sponsoring your food and agriculture-related sessions. We sponsored nearly 50 great sessions in Chicago last year (see our website for a list of these sessions:https://gfasg.wordpress.com/aag-annual-meeting/) and are looking to build on those successes. We represent a broad range of scholars with diverse interests in the geographies of food and agriculture, and thus welcome inquiries from anyone with potential overlap. Topics might include, but are not limited to: political economy of agri-food systems; food and identity; urban agriculture; land and food sovereignty; ecological impacts of food systems; and more.

Specialty group sponsorship can bring greater attention to your session as it will be listed on our website and is easier for members to locate in the conference program. If you are interested in seeking GFASG sponsorship for your AAG session and have not already contacted me, please send an e-mail including the session title, a brief description, and the organizers’ information to Colleen Hammelman at chammelman@temple.edu.