2018 GFASG Board Elections Nominations Announcement

Dear Geography of Food and Agriculture Specialty Group Members (and Future Members),

A number of positions will soon be open on the GFASG Board this year. Elections will take place online in early March and be announced at our specialty group business meeting at the AAG in April. The term starts after the meeting. The positions available are listed below. Each position is two years.

  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary-Treasurer
  • Website Coordinator
  • Faculty Board Members at Large
  • Student Board Members at Large

All positions have the same voice in decision-making, and specific tasks are assigned to the individual roles. The board generally has two to three conference calls per year. In addition, members work in smaller working groups to organize conference events, our graduate student award, and other activities.

If you are interested, please send a short (150 words max) bio statement to me at clevkoe@lakeheadu.ca by February 23, to be circulated before the ballot is made available. You must be a registered GFASG member by time you join the board. Information about the GFASG can be found on our website at https://gfasg.wordpress.com/ and on the AAG Knowledge Communities website at http://community.aag.org/communities/community-home?CommunityKey=94e2fa27-ec30-4ae1-aad5-13ea28419de8.